UAE Ministerial Council for Services Discusses Integrated National Plan for ‘People with Disability’in UAE

UAE Ministerial Council for Services Discusses Integrated National Plan for ‘People with Disability’ in UAE

The UAE Ministerial Council for Services, presided over by His Highness Sheikh Mansour Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Presidential Affairs, discussed the proposal to develop the National Plan for ‘People with Disability’ that aims to integrate the disabled in all aspects of life.

The proposal, one of the outcomes of the brainstorming session of the Ministry of Social Affairs, aims to concert national efforts to integrate disabled persons in all aspects of life, improve quality of services and programs designed for them as well as raise awareness on all levels, particularly in government entities, about the needs of the disabled in the community.

On other aspects, the Ministerial Council reviewed the new Electronic Human Resource Planning System in the Federal Government where it will help improve HR planning processes and capacity building in the government to allocate budgets for positions and optimize usage of resources. The electronic system will benefit federal government entities to analyze the job requirements and develop a job map on the level of the entity; identify human resource gaps and how to address them.

Meanwhile, the Ministerial Council also reviewed a project to rationalize the use of energy in federal government buildings in a manner to preserve the environment and reduce costs. The meeting also addressed a few recommendations submitted by the Federal National Council on matters related to economy, animal wealth and organizational issues.