Federal System

Federal System

Federation Objectives

The Federation aims to maintain its independence and sovereignty, safeguard its security and stability, defend its existence or the existence of its member emirates from any act of aggression, and protect the rights and responsibilities of the people of the Federation. It aims to work in close co-operation with each of the emirates for their common benefit in realising these objectives and promoting their prosperity and progress in all fields to provide a better life for all citizens, ensuring mutual respect by each emirate for the independence and sovereignty of the other emirates in matters related to their internal affairs within the framework of the Constitution.

The Federal Authorities in the UAE

The UAE Federal Authorities:

  1. Federal Supreme Council
  2. President and Vice President
  3. The Cabinet
  4. Federal National Council
  5. Federal Judicial Authority

Each emirate of the UAE shall handle all authorities that are not assigned by the Constitution to the Federation. Moreover, each emirate shall contribute to building and protecting the Constitution as well as benefiting from its services. All member emirates of the Federation will strive to coordinate their legislatures in all areas to achieve standardization.