Prime Minister's Office

Prime Minister's Office

The Prime Minister’s Office plays a catalyst role for excellence in the UAE government through extending direct support to the federal entities, enabling them to improve their performance and build their capacities. It also plays a vital role in aligning the projects with the strategic directions and key policies of the government through a highly qualified team, excellent corporate management, and strong strategic partnerships.

In carrying out its mandate, the Prime Minister’s Office provides support and consultation to the Prime Minister, the UAE Cabinet and Minister of Cabinet Affairs, assisting them in the decision making process.

The Prime Minister’s Office played a pivotal coordinating role in the implementation of numerous strategic initiatives. Coordinating the development of the government strategy was the first task commissioned to the Prime Minister’s Office, and as part of this task the Office was instrumental in aligning and directing the efforts of the various ministerial and sectorial teams to develop the UAE Government Strategy 2008-2010, followed by the UAE Government Strategy 2011- 2013. The Prime Minister’s Office also directed the development of the UAE Vision 2021, whereby the UAE aims to be among the best countries in the world by the year 2021.

As an empowering entity, the Prime Minister’s Office assists federal entities in developing and reviewing their strategies, policies, and initiatives and aligning them with the vision, strategy, directions, and key plans of the government.

In addition, the Prime Minister’s Office supports federal entities in policy and strategic implementation, as well as performance improvement and capacity building by providing them with technical support whenever needed.

The Prime Minister’s Office proposes policies, launches and implements innovative initiatives related to improving the efficiency, effectiveness, and performance of the federal government sector on one hand, and helps improve the quality of government service delivery and levels of customer service on the other. Furthermore, the Prime Minister’s Office plays a pioneering role in leading the efforts in the area of government excellence and directs the Sheikh Khalifa Government Excellence Program that recognises excellence through the prestigious Emirates Excellence Award.

Spreading knowledge is yet another responsibility of the Prime Minister’s Office as it helps transfer knowledge and expertise from the federal to the local level by helping local entities to build their capacities as well as collaborating with them on federal and local programmes and projects.